Reconlogo_small_zpsd5c059c0A Recon boat is a multi species fishing boat made with the finest fiberglass materials and latest construction techniques. Many years of fishing, thoughts and redesigning went into the Recon’s layout. Our boats handle the needs of all styles of fishing from the small inland lakes to the Great Lakes. The Recon hull design will let you get into the shallowest waters yet handled the big waves and keep you dry.



Recon Multispecies Fishing Boats.

One of the most important qualities of any boat is the ride. Getting beat up on the way to the hot spots makes for a very long day of fishing.  You can power a Recon with a four stroke or two stroke outboard motor and have an amazing hole shot, great top end and cornering like a sports car.   Another great feature is the slow speed planning.  Recon’s will stay on plane at slower speeds so you can cover more water, find the fish faster and spend more time fishing.  All our boats are built to handle the multiple weather conditions a day of fishing can produce.

You will love the spacious front deck with enough room for two and a rear deck that lets you walk right up to the transom to net a fish without the fear of falling in. The cockpit area has enough room for you and all your gear. Recon has a large musky sized livewell for reviving that lunker. Ample storage compartments with heavy gauge aluminum lids and locking latches. The 21 position center rod locker can hold 9′ plus rods.

Strength and durability is the back bone of every Recon Boat. The structural design of the Recon will handle today’s heavy, powerful motors without the need for extra supports, such as metal/composite transom brackets, inside or outside.

Recon also builds Dyna-Ski water ski boats for recreational and tournament water skiers.  A 20′ Closed Bow Dyna-Ski Boat with 3 – 300 HP Outboard motors holds the Guinness World Record for pulling a 60 person pyramid.  The transom design and construction techniques used building Dyna-Ski Boats are carried over into the  Recon line of boats.

At Recon fishing is our passion and we take pride in every boat we build.

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